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Accidents & Injuries


Acupuncture works by facilitating the restoration of the entire body after auto accidents, slips, falls and other bodily injuries. Acupuncture, often used in conjunction with other therapies, aids the healing process by restoring the natural flow of energy and enabling the body to heal itself much faster than would otherwise occur.


Acupuncture and Massage can:


  • Speed Recovery Time 


  • Reduce or Eliminate Pain without Drugs


  • Prevent or Minimize Scar Tissue and Formation
     of Adhesions


  • Minimize Adverse Effects of Injury

  • Restore or Enhance Range of Motion

  “I am an 11 year breast cancer survivor and was introduced to Bob after my mastectomy. Following surgery I was given a set of exercises to do to increase my range of motion however they were inadequate and my fear of developing lymphedema left me protecting rather than using my arm. Scar tissue built up quickly, I was in pain and couldn't move my arm. Starting with massage, both Swedish and Deep Tissue and later incorporating acupuncture my scar tissue and adhesions diminished and full range of motion returned. A weekly visit became part of my health regimen, be it for muscle pain or rebalancing for mental stress and depression. With reconstructive surgery 5 years later there was no doubt as to who would be helping me with healing. Be it massage, acupuncture, chinese herb supplements, stretching and Qigong, Bob has helped me in all aspects of my life.”


– Jackie S., 58

  "I want to thank you for helping me regain range of motion of my left elbow. Following a broken elbow and required surgery, I proceeded down the prescribed path of traditional physical therapy. After the orthopedic surgeon released me, saying that I had probably regained all of  the movement that was possible. I came to your office like many of your new patients, I was skeptical,but hopefull that your knowledge of acupuncture mighr provide an alternative pathway to greater range of motion.

  At our first session, my arm would extend to only 45 degrees. I was experiencing  an increasing level of  pain and resistance in using lantz medical stretching device. My range of motion was actually decreasing. After a couple of sessions with I began to see steady improvement in my range as measured on the lantz device. This morning I achieved a 0 degrees extension. I am no longer skeptic. I will be forever grateful and have become an advocate for your array or services. I am now able to garden, exercise and do normal tasks without the frustration of limited movements.

   I will be continuing your uniquely effective program of acupuncture, deep tissue massage and precision exercises in junction with the lantz medical device. I am confident that I will fully restore my pre-catastrophe level of flexibility, grace and ease of movement.

Thank you for your skills, wisdom and patience."