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Addiction Treatment


Dr. Robert T. Sherlock understands the physical and mental challenges associated with addiction treatment and detoxification. He often works with area facilities and health care providers, or directly with individuals to develop a custom treatment plan for addiction.


Acupuncture and allied modalities can help the body transition to a more natural state and enhance the restorative qualities within the body. This can allow the patient to detoxify from substances or other addictions, without the introduction of other substances, allowing the patient increased access to their own restorative energies that addiction has reduced or impaired.

Each patient is treated individually. There are some specific protocols that have been proven effective for addictions, specifically the NADA protocol. This can also be done in groups as well as individually. This option can help to reduce patient cost, enhance compliance with recovery plans, and aid in addiction resolution.
  • Balance the Energies of the Body
  • Stress Solutions & Therapies
  • Follows documented National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Detox Protocol
  • Minimize Withdraw Symptoms Without Drugs
  • Relapse Prevention Protocols