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Aesthetic Acupuncture is used to enhance beauty and preserve a healthy, youthful appearance. Treatments provide
an overall constitutional rejuvenation of the body. These treatments rebalance and restore the energy within by
promoting the circulation of Qi and it's rejuvenating qualities.

Facial Rejuvenation promotes a more youthful appearance by bringing these rejuvenation qualities in a focused
manner to the face, jaw line, neck and chest areas. Patients notice improved skin and muscle tone. Those with
lines, creases or other imperfections often see dramatic results. Facial rejuvenation treatments improve the
skin's texture, moisture, and radiance; allowing your vibrant health to shine through.

Patients find it a great alternative to Botox because it works to improve the look of the entire face, not just
isolated areas. This technique appeals to those who desire a more natural approach to facial beauty without
injection of potentially harmful foreign substances.

Weight and appetite management utilize the same fundamental principles to help restore the metabolism to proper
function. The improvement of digestive function promotes healthy weight loss through improved health.

Posture and shoulder therapies help correct shoulder and spinal alignment, thereby reducing pain and discomfort.
This therapy results in the shoulders moving back and the spine straightening, thus giving you a better overall


Aesthetic Acupuncture will improve your vitality and increase your inner radiance, so you can look and

feel your best from the inside out.

A list of common cosmetic acupuncture treatments includes:


  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Posture & Shoulder Therapy
  • Weight & Appetite Management
  • Reduction of Fine Lines Around Eyes & Mouth
  • Improved Skin Texture & Acne Reduction
  • Breast Mastectomy & Reconstruction Post Surgery


  • Stress Solutions


  • Cellulite Appearance Reduction
  • Freshen Forehead & Brows
  • Jaw & Neck Tighten & Firmed
  • Relief of High Heel Pain
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