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Improved Well Being


     Acupuncture treatments can help to reset and rebalance all the systems of your body

    which helps to maintain maximum health and well being. When your energy is able to

    move more freely, then your body has better vitality, more energy, enhanced resistance to

    disease, as well as enhanced recovery and healing ability.


    Dr. Sherlock offers "Stress Solution" treatments on an individual basis and also in a group setting.






  • Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder (PTSD) Protocols


  • Reduces Need for Prescription Drugs


  • Helps Reduce Gastrointestinal & Bowel Disorders


  • Promotes More Restful Sleep


  • Helps Reduce Sinus Inflammation
  • Reduces Stress & Anxiety
  • Increases Energy, Vitality & Stamina
  • Pre & Post Surgery


  • Assists with Pain Management


  • Enhances Sports Performance
  • Respiratory Relief in Adults & Children

Radiation / Chemo Recovery


   Acupuncture treatments have been shown to increase well being for those both undergoing and following
   radiation/chemotherapy. Benefits can include increased energy, digestion, mental stability, and a faster
   recovery helping your body heal itself.