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Patient Testimonials:


“I have been seeing Bob for several years now. I have chronic back issues from riding and Bob’s treatments of a combination of acupuncture and massage has kept me going strong and pain free for sometime. Now, I also see Bob for general well being and I feel great and believe my overall health has been improved! I have recommended Bob to many who also have success stories to relate on everything from pain management to sore heels!! (planter faciitis) I am grateful to have come in contact with such an innovative practitioner.”


– Laurie Z., Female, 52, Development Director, Ocala


“I recently received a gift certificate to see Dr. Bob for acupuncture. My lovely friend knew I was suffering with neck pain and also knew that Dr. Bob could help me. Help me he did! I has stiffness and pain for over a month previous to seeing him and received significant relief after only one treatment. I have been back to see him and have added other health issues for him to address. I am so grateful for his profound gift and sensitivity to his healing modality. I can feel a difference in my overall well being and energy. He is truly a dedicated health practitioner, we’re lucky to have him here in Ocala.”


– Dianne S., Female, 48, Business Owner, Ocala


“I started seeing Dr. Bob Sherlock regularly in April 2010 after I was involved in an auto accident. After the very first treatment for pain in my neck and shoulder, I had incredible relief from the tightness and pain. Now after only 6 treatments to the injured areas to reduce muscle spasms, my pain is gone and my range of motion was not reduced. Now I highly recommend acupuncture treatment, and specifically Dr. Bob Sherlock, to all of my friends and business associates.”


– Brenda E., Female, 50, Business Owner, Ocala


“I’ve been seeing Dr. Bob since I moved to Ocala in 1999. My treatments have been for a vide variety of conditions, including joint and muscle pain, neck, shoulders, foot injury, severe sinus conditions, just to name a few. I’ve always received relief after the initial treatment, with improvement after other visits. I have brought both of my daughters (from Sonoma, CA & Atlanta, GA) during their visits with us to see him for treatments, and they often wish they could return. I’ve recommended Bob to others and have always received ‘thank you’ from them.”


– Ron M., Male, 70, Retired, Ocala


“I have been a patient of Dr. Bob sherlock for several years for a variety of ailments. I have had two separate injuries to my knee in 2007 and pelvis in 2009. Immediate treatment from Dr. Bob involved pain management through acupuncture and later deep tissue massage. Both times the severity of the injuries was reduced dramatically. I have also had successful treatment for hormonal imbalances using Chinese herbs prescribed by Dr. Bob. I no longer have hot flashes and night sweats. Dr. Bob’s extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and Chinese herbs is a benefit to anyone seeking to improve their quality of life or injury recovery. ”


– Jennifer N., Female, 42, Avid Cyclist, Ocala


“After surgery to remove a spinal cord tumor in 2006, I went to see Bob for a stiff neck. After just one treatment, the stiffness was relieved and my range of motion greatly increased. I have continued to have regular treatments ever since to relieve pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I am grateful to have found someone who can keep my pain at bay naturally. I have recommended Bob to many of my friends.”


– Alison C., Female, 42, Artist, Ocala


“I  received a series of facial rejuvenation treatments from Dr. Bob, and the results were astounding. The texture of my skin was greatly improved, my wrinkles were less obvious and my jaw line was tighter. The treatments were relaxing and painless, unlike plastic surgery. I look younger and the results are a natural alternative to botox or more invasive surgical procedures. I highly recommend Dr. Bob's treatments to any one that wants to look and feel better.”


– JS, Female, 54


“I have been a patient of Dr. Bob for over a year. I have suffered from chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain secondary to the physical demands of my occupation. With his expertise in acupuncture and massage, he has helped to totally eliminate my discomfort. By having weekly treatments, I can maintain my very active lifestyle (running/biking) and remain pain free. Prior to seeing Dr. Bob on a regular basis, my muscles and joints were not as flexible. I feel younger, stronger and more relaxed. I highly recommend both treatment modalities.”


– T.O., 53


“I started seeing Bob about a year ago after surgery for breast cancer left me with adhesions, scar tissue and discomfort. Using a combination of acupuncture and massage Bob was able to loosen the tissue around my mastectomy incisions and improve my range of motion and level of comfort. He is a genuinely nice person and will do his best to help you.”


– Patty, 66, Retired


“I've been treated by Bob since 2008. I have chronic issues from a horse riding accident with my back and neck. Massage therapy is very helpful and Bob has encouraged me to do acupuncture because he said it can provide more relief. I am very terrified of all needles, but I eventually agreed to try it. It does cause the muscles to relax and makes a great difference. I've been back for plenty more. Bob is very skilled at administering treatment.”


– Jessica G., Female, 36